Investment Property Specialist in Kingston, ON

Luca Andolfatto has nearly three decades of investment property experience in Kingston, ON. Over the years, he has gained a command for real estate in the region, and in the process, he has guided investors to success in the industry.

Reasons to Invest in Property

Real estate is one of the most reliable bets for stable growth and returns on your investment. Despite the recent global economic recession, which resulted in drops in property values, this remains a strong investment. This is because appreciation of value is a realistic advantage for most investment properties. In addition, banks are more willing to provide loans for real estate investments, allowing investors to make a down payment and leverage capital easily.

Start Investing with Luca

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– Professional investment analysis
– Instant updates on new investment properties for sale
– Access to exclusive listings
– In-house property management
These exclusive resources are only reserved for investors who sign up to work with us. Regardless of your experience level in the industry, we intend to provide you with what you need to be successful. This includes comprehensive financial analyses to document your investments, as well as up to date lists of properties available, including those unavailable to the general public. In addition, you will receive all of the benefits of working with one of the most experienced Realtors in the industry, such as insider tips and a network or professionals.

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