Your House is a Hot Commodity During the Cold Winter Months

Throughout the cold Canadian winters, less sellers are apt to put their homes on the market.

Dare to be different, and don’t wait for the snow to melt! It’s a sellers’ market; take advantage of it and sell your house quickly with these three top tips.

On the Outside Looking In

It starts before anyone sets foot in your home!

Ensure your walkways are clear and free of ice; you don’t want anyone taking a spill during a showing. The same goes for your driveway. If you don’t have time to keep the snow cleared, hire a professional to stay on top of it.

See Your Home in a Good Light

Push back your drapes and pull up the blinds to let the sunshine stream inside. This will brighten the space and make buyers feel more at home. (Don’t forget to give your windows a good and thorough cleaning beforehand. Winter brings with it lots of grime and dirt, so make sure those windows sparkle!). While you’re at it, turn on your lights…all of them. Winter can be dark and dreary, so ensure your home has a welcoming glow.

If there are any dark corners, consider adding some additional floor lamps to up the brightness factor.

If you have a showing booked in the evening, turn on all of your home’s outdoor lights; it’s not only a matter of safety, it also makes your home look more inviting.

Crank Up the Cosy

During the winter months, everyone is fighting off the chill. Make sure your home looks warm and welcoming by lighting some candles (keep safety top of mind, and opt for LED candles), turning on your gas fireplace and casually tossing some soft blankets and throw pillows onto the couches and beds.

While you’re at it, turn up the thermostat so potential buyers feel the warmth the moment the step inside.

Do you really want to up your selling game? Pop some cookies in the oven so they’re ready just before the scheduled showing. Just be aware they might not be there when you return!